Gluten-Free Fudge Cake

gluten-free fudge cake
Often, our search for the one turns out to be fruitless. We dabble here and there, but end up settling for second (or third) best. We spend our lives with a muted version of the one we really want. Sure, it’s good enough. But is it really what we have been longing for? Are we really satisfied? Are our needs really being met?

Friends, there is no need to settle, because I can introduce you to the one. The one who will restore your faith and hope. The one who will give you comfort in times of need. The one who will be the hit at the party. The one who will steal your heart.

I met the one quite a few years back, before I was gluten-free. I too, had settled for something that was inferior, thinking that my needs would really never be met. But I decided to set out again, in an effort to find the happiness I deserved. And it took some time, but I did find true love. On the back of the Hershey’s Cocoa Powder box. It was love at first bite.
I’ll be the first to admit our love became a bit obsessive. I wanted it all the time. It was so easy to be passionate about a cake I could make from scratch in less than five minutes. I took it everywhere. It played a starring role at all of our birthday celebrations.

But then I found out I had celiac disease. I was terrified that the one I loved so much would leave me. That I would never be able to experience another love, another relationship, like I had shared with the one. But after I made the cake for the first time, using Cup4Cup flour, I realized that ours was a love that would stand the test of time. In sickness and in health. With regular flour or gluten-free flour. ‘Til death shall us part.

In time, I experimented with using other gluten-free flour blends (like mine). They work well…but admittedly not quite as well as Cup4Cup, which lends such a moist and tender crumb to the cake. Though the recipe is perfect as it is on the box (as my friend Tamar pointed out, box recipes are usually the best tested recipes in the world), sometimes I like to mix it up a little. Usually I add hot coffee in place of the boiling water. Sometimes I add a little cinnamon and cayenne to make a Mexican chocolate cake. But however you make it, even if you have never had success with a homemade cake recipe, you can have success with this one. Because it truly is the one.

*Edited 9/18/14 to change the recipe a bit to rectify the sinking issue some of you were having. Let me know if this does the trick for you!

Gluten-Free Fudge Cake

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 35 minutes

Total Time: 50 minutes

serves 8

Gluten-Free Fudge Cake

This rich, one bowl, chocolate cake has been my go-to recipe for years. It originally came from the back of the Hershey's Cocoa Powder box, but I've adapted it to be gluten-free. I think you'll find this cake to be the one you've been looking for.


    For the cake:
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 3/4 cups Cup4Cup (235 grams) or other light gluten-free flour blend
  • 1 teaspoon xanthan gum (omit of your blend has it)
  • 3/4 cup good quality cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • 1 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 3 eggs, lightly beaten (room temperature)
  • 1 cup whole milk (or milk substitute of your choice)
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 2 teaspoons gluten-free pure vanilla extract
  • 1 cup hot coffee
  • For the frosting:
  • 1/2 cup butter (or dairy free stick butter substitute of your choice), melted and cooled slightly
  • 2/3 cup good quality cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • 3 cups powdered sugar, sifted
  • 1/3 cup whole milk (or milk substitute of your choice)
  • 1 teaspoon gluten-free pure vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease two 8-inch cake pans with gluten-free cooking spray. Set aside.
  2. Combine the sugar, flour, xanthan (if using), cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a large mixing bowl. Whisk to combine. Add the eggs, milk, oil and vanilla, and beat until smooth. Carefully whisk in the hot coffee. The batter will be runny.
  3. Evenly distribute the cake batter between the two prepared pans and bake for 30-35 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean. Let it cool in the pans for 5 minutes, then turn out onto a rack to finish cooling completely.
  4. Make the frosting. Whisk the melted butter into the cocoa powder until thoroughly combined. Alternate adding the sugar with the milk while beating until the frosting is smooth and glossy and a spreadable consistency. If the frosting seems too thick, add a splash of additional milk. If it seems too thin, add additional powdered sugar. Beat in the vanilla extract and salt.
  5. Frost the cooled cakes as desired.


  1. Oh joy, rapture! Thank you for sharing your Hershey’s “back of the box” chocolate cake recipe tweaked to perfection for the gluten-free world, Ali. I agree with you. C4C (Cup4Cup) Gluten-Free Flour is exceptional in its performance and taste with home-baked goods. It has not failed me yet. (Thanks, Lena & Chef Keller!) And, I too, make this cake with dark brewed coffee in lieu of water. The recipe is a classic and the gluten-free world thanks you for developing its GF counterpart. xo P.S. Lovely photography as always, my friend!

  2. It’s true. This is the best cake ever. My family has been using this recipe for years. Hhmm, maybe tonight:)

    • Right!?!? It’s that easy. :)

      • Do you have any special tricks for the cake not sticking to the pan? I tried making this last night but had to pitch the whole thing because it literally broke in half. Parchment paper at the bottom maybe?
        Thank you!!! :)

        • I’m so sad you tossed out the cake (even broken bits can be worth eating….) ;). Anyway, I have never had trouble with my cakes sticking to my pans and I usually only use cooking spray. But for you, spray the pan, line with a round of parchment in the bottom, then spray again. Hopefully that will do the trick. Good luck!

          • The cake I made turned out better than all the other cakes I have made in regards to sticking. The cake actually went away from the pan for me. I greased the pans with cooking oil since I don’t use cooking spray at all in my kitchen. I hope this helps.

          • I am a young baker, but now I know that we learn from our mistakes! especially me! just remember “THE INSTUCTIONS SAY TO USE 2 PANS! I USED ONE AND OVER FILLED THE PAN! AND NOW MY OVEN IS SPEWING OUT SMOKE”! please follow the INSTRUCTIONS FOR BEST RESULTS!!!

          • Nanna Websdale says:

            you may use your “crumbs” for bread pudding!! always an enjoyable dessert and still GF!

        • Oil or grease your pans and place parchment paper in bottom. Always works very well .

      • Rebecca says:

        I am trying this right now. I will let you know how this turns out. My husband is GF and I have tried lots of times to make cake. I stopped trying for a while but I am looking forward to trying this one. Its in the oven right now.

        • Rebecca says:

          Alright, I am going to brag on this cake recipe. As you know I made this cake recipe a few days ago. Now what you dont know is in order to contain how many cup cakes I ate I sent them to My Husband’s work for ‘ The boys’ to enjoy (Yesterday) I do this ALOT almost weekly at least by weekly. I made enough for each guy to have at least two . 2 things 1 they are gone. And 2 one of My Husband’s bosses doesnt even like cake he not only said it was the best cup cake he has ever eaten but he ate THREE of them! He loves them and asked me to make more :) He also couldnt believe that they were GF! Thank you sooo much!

  3. I also just made the chocolate cake from the back of the Hershey’s box (with my own adaption to be gluten-free) and decided it was the best gluten-free cake ever. When I saw your post for a gluten-free chocolate cake, I was skeptical that it could be as good as the Hershey’s one. I smiled when I realized that it’s the same one. :)

  4. Lovely moist chocolatey texture. Nest time I will try it with a little less Stevia as it was very sweeet and left a slight after taste.

  5. I’m allergic to caffeine so I don’t drink coffee – would you use water as a good replacement? Thanks! Looks great, can’t wait to try it!!

  6. Wow, what a great introduction to your blog! I made this cake over the weekend for a family birthday dinner and it was divine! I have to confess that the frosting doubled as my lunch as I was preparing the cake. I also made extra frosting and used it to frost birthday cupcakes for the next day. I used Domata all purpose flour and was very happy with the results on all fronts (taste, texture, consistency). Thank you for this scrumptious treat that will now be a mainstay in our home!

  7. Britney says:

    Alison, new to your blog (it’s been a lifesaver) and I was curious if you’ve made this recipe with your all-purpose glute-free flour blend? If so, how does it compare if made with Cup4Cup? I’m VERY stingy wiht my Cup4Cup flour because of price. Thanks!

    • Hi Britney! Welcome. :) I definitely use my own flour blend with this recipe because I’m also stingy with my Cup4Cup. It still turns out great, but sometimes the middle sinks in a bit and the crumb is a tad denser. Nothing that frosting can’t cure. 😉

    • Quinn Schulze says:

      I live in Germany and have never heard of Cup4Cup. My niece with Celiac’s is visiting and I made this cake for her 16th birthday – she said it was AMAZING. (She’s had enough others to compare with, so I am going to go with it.) I used up a little gf flour of another brand and used mostly Schar brand flour. I did sink in a little bit too like Alison said, but was very moist and delicious no complaints from any other people that it tasted different – most present have probably never had gluten free anything. The other thing I did differently was gooogled a substitute for xantham gum because I didn’t have any at 11pm. I came up with ground up quinoa seeds! So I used 2 tsps instead of one. (I wanted to make sure it worked LOL). So there are my 2 cents to this great recipe that I will pass along to my gf friends! Thanks Alison!

  8. Jamie D says:

    When you bake do you use glass pans or metal baking pans. I’ve only been eating gf for 5months and my mother in law does all the baking :) (I’m spoiled). However, I’d like to learn how to do a few things!

  9. Hi,

    This cakes looks amazing! Id love to cook it for my 6 year old. Unfortunately I’m in Australia and I can’t find Cup4Cup. What could I use instead? Is your blend a SR blend or a plain flour blend? I’m still learning the ropes so the blending of flours has me a little confused!

    Or could I just substitute a GF SR flour into it?

    Can’t wait to make it if possible!!!!

  10. Is there a healthier oil that I can use instead of vegetable oil?

  11. Sora Deetza says:

    please can you suggest a homemade blend without potato starch?
    I was finally getting a handle on things in our GF kitchen for the kids, now I too have joined the GF world but also need to eliminate potatoes (and coffee, spinach, tomatoes, soy and dairy!) thankfully we can all still have eggs!!

    • Hi Sora! Swap out the potato starch with additional corn or tapioca starch. When making substitutions in flour blends always trade a starch for a starch or a flour for a flour. It’s best to do it by weight. In my flour blend recipe, all the weights are included. Make sure you swap an equal weight of tapioca or corn starch (or blend the two). Hope that helps. :)

  12. Hi Alison,
    I made this two weeks ago and have meant to let you know that it was fantastic! The cake had great lift ( the baking powder/soda ratio was perfect–you’ve really solved that problem for me, thank you) and the frosting was no-nonsense and delicious. My family was genuinely happy with the flavor and texture, with no comments about how “you can hardly tell that it’s gf”. Three changes that I made were that I used Better Batter flour (245g), substituted 1 cup of brown sugar for 1 cup of the granulated and then used 1 tablespoon of vanilla (BB flour needs the extra vanilla flavor and the moisture of the brown sugar). Thanks so much!

  13. Tiffany fisher says:

    Hi! Have you ever made this cake with unsalted butter in place of the vegetable oil?

  14. Hey! just made this recipe (cupcakes) for my Dad’s Birthday & was wondering how to store them… fridge or counter? Thanks!
    They are amazing :)

  15. Hi Alison,

    This looks delicious! Would it be possible to use almond flour or coconut flour instead the Cup4Cup flour you recommend? Unfortunately I’m allergic to both corn and tapioca (it causes so many problems!) so I can’t use the suggested flour. Thanks!

    • Hi Megan,

      A flour blend is best when working with gluten-free flours. I prefer a mixture of about 60% whole grains (almond, coconut, rice, millet, etc.) and 40% starch. Because you react to both corn and tapioca, I’d suggest using arrowroot flour (35%) with a touch of potato starch (5%). Both almond flours and coconut flours will absorb much of the moisture in the cake, rendering it crumbly w/ a dry texture. Try a flour blend with brown rice, sweet rice, coconut OR almond, plus the arrowroot & potato starch for best results. You will have to experiment a bit to see what combination works best for you. Good luck!

  16. Check out this mock cup4cup – I used it in this recipe and it worked very well.

  17. Hi There!!
    I am a gluten free baker. I have been trying to find a really moist and chocolaty gf cake, and i think i found it!!! I can’t wait to make it. Thanks. I am young so i am going to substitute the coffee for yogurt, we will see if that works! Please check out my blog: Bellas Baking and Cooking Blog.


  18. I’m not gluten tolerant but am trying to make your fudge cake for a friend. I forgot to buy the xanthan gum. I have the white rice flour and the arrowroot flour which I mixed. will this cake flop without the gum mixature ?

  19. Brenda Gross says:

    What can be used in place of the xantham gum? Looking for a recipe for a little boy at church that doesn’t contain wheat, corn (read that xantham gum is a corn derivative) or soy.


  20. I made this cake this morning. when I looked at it to check to see if it was done, it wasn’t and it was to the top of the pan. I put it back in to finish baking. when it was done it had fallen in the middle all the way around. Do you know why this happened? When I flipped it it looked great. D McGuire

  21. Brenda Gross says:

    So … I totally had no idea that baking powder had corn starch in it!! (Guess that’s what happens when your start really looking @ labels!) And, the kiddo has issues with corn so anything with corn starch is out. I read about using baking soda/cream of tartar as an alternative to baking powder. Has anyone done this (not just this but in any baking recipe)? Does it affect the taste at all?


    BTW – my friend (kiddo’s mom) said the dietician said xantham gum is ok.

    • You are one awesome friend, Brenda! I’ve used that sub for baking powder with great success (usually after I’ve discovered that I’ve run out). Doesn’t change the flavor at all. Also, Featherweight Baking Powder is made using potato starch instead…so look for that at the store as an alternative as well. :)

      • I saw that as an option as well. Trying to find a store local that carries it. I look forward to trying this recipe! I was going to make it yesterday but realized I was almost out of sugar! (And I was home with my boys on a snow day and didn’t want to go out with them shopping!!)
        Thank you for your quick responses! I’m trying to quickly educate myself about the GF (and other allergies!) world so that I can bake/decorate some cakes for friends who have the problems and can’t go to a bakery.

        Brenda :)

      • I’m wanting to make this cake for my son’s birthday party but am allergic to corn (as well as a few of the party guests). I see from above that you said you can use baking soda/cream of tarter as an alternative. How much of each would I use? Also, I’m allergic to soy, so no vegetable oil. Would applesauce work? Or canola oil? (Lots of allergies in our house)!! Thank you !

  22. Anne Ognenis says:

    Hi, if you don’t have xantham gum or guar what can be used as a substitute? I did see in a previous comment about chia seeds. Would that be using the same amount as xantham? Also can you use store bought gf sr flours?

  23. Another question! (I’m full of them!) I can sub applesauce for the vegetable oil, right? Mine is a blend with soybean oil (which kiddo can’t have any soy!) and I don’t want to buy another vegetable oil. :)

  24. Hi Alison,
    I was recently diagnosed with gluten issues. I was so excited when I found this cake recipe. Unfortunately mine did not work so well. I followed the recipe and ingredients step by step with the following exception. I used rice milk.
    The recipe says to bake for 30-35 mins. I set my fan assisted oven to 35 mins. When I put a knife in it came out all covered in cake mix. I ended up baking the cake for 50 mins and the knife was still not completely clear. I took it out and I found the cake to be very stodgy almost sticky like brownie that was not cooked through. Do you perhaps know what the problem might be. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joia

  25. Allison,
    Thank you so much for this recipe. I made this the Sunday before Easter. We had an early celebration with my daughter and her family. I put seedless Raspberry jelly between the layers and on top to about 1″ from the edge and covered the outside with homemade whipped cream. This was her favorite before I went gluten free, so needless to say I haven’t made one in years. This cake was so good that we ate almost half of the cake in one day. Thank you again for the most delicious chocolate cake I have ever eaten in my life. I have told everyone about your site.

  26. Hi Alison,
    I am going to try this recipe this weekend with the hopes of making it for a graduation party next weekend. I need to be able to “decorate” the cake. I know that chocolate icing can be colored (have to make maroon icing), so that’s not a problem, but could it be put in a piping bag and piped? Would it “crust” so that I could smooth it out like a traditional butter cream icing would? Thank you so much for your help.

  27. Hi Alison, I have been on the hunt for a yummy chocolate cake for my soon to be 9 year old’s birthday (both herself and her father – my hubby are gluten sensitive which has been a relatively new discovery for us). I’m very excited to try this tomorrow. I have a flour mix from our local bulk store that is pretty much identical to Bobs Redmill all purpose GF flour, do you think that will do? I also noticed that you’ve told a few people that you can just use boiling water in place of the coffee. I would prefer to do this because its a cake for my young daughter (& I’m a tea person not coffee). Do you think it will make the cake to bland omitting the coffee? Thanks so much, can’t wait to look around the rest of your site!

    • Water is fine–it is plenty chocolatey–as for the flour blend, normally I recommend one that is bean flour free, but the chocolate will disguise any off Flavors, so it will probably be fine :)

      • Thanks for the quick response Alison! I wish I could find the cup 4 cup flour but I don’t believe its available where I am (just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada). Would your flour blend listed on this site be better? Thanks again – so great that we can actually get advice from you the author of the recipe!

      • Hi Alison, just thought I’d let you know how the cake turned out last weekend. Everyone absolutely loved it!!! I did end up using the flour I had on hand that had the bean flour in it. I was still concerned so I decreased the flour by 1/4 cup and increased the cocoa by a 1/4 cup. I tasted the batter before putting it in the pans to bake and was still a little concerned I could taste the ‘off flavour’ you were talking about. So to combat that I shaved a bunch of chocolate off some baking chocolate that we had on hand from making chocolate truffles, then added that into the batter before baking. It did a great job of improving the taste and the cake was awesome! Also the small amount that was left kept in a cake container on the counter to be eaton the following day and still tasted moist and delish! Thanks so much for a great recipe!

  28. Do you know anyone who has had success making this processed sugar free? I was thinking of using Agave in place of some of the liquid, but not sure how that would turn out.

    • I would not recommend agave. Maybe try coconut sugar, date sugar or succanat instead.

    • I just made this cake using agave syrup following the tips I found on thekitchn.com (http://www.thekitchn.com/5-tips-on-substituting-agave-i-105651) and it turned out DELICIOUS. Note: thekitchn.com doesn’t recommend using agave in cakes for full sugar substitution, but I did it anyway and am very happy with the results.
      Essentially 2/3rds cups agave for every 1 cup of sugar (I halved the recipe as it was an experiment), reduce the hot water or coffee by 1/4 cup, and mix the agave with the liquids instead of the solids before mixing it all together. Thanks for the recipe, three years in!

  29. HI! I am planning on making these into cupcakes for my son’s birthday party on Sunday. I am planning on doing a batch and a half (36 cupcakes) and was wondering if you knew the gram weight of the flour blend? Everything else will be easy to convert. Also, I typically use a blend of brown rice, white rice, potato and tapioca….is this considered a “light flour blend” as you suggested above? Should I make it more starchy? Thanks!

  30. Does the cake taste like coffee flavor?

  31. Elle S. says:

    I made this and it’s absolutly amazing! I’ve been gluten-free for a year now and dairy free(lactose intolerant) for as long as I can remember, and even if who I am baking for isn’t a celiac or gluten free diet I still cook gluten free for them too. One of my friends is a calorie counter and I would love for them to have this cake but I know they would want to know the nutrition information, can anyone tell me how many calories would be in the cake and frosting?(I use almond milk vanilla unstweetened which is only 30 calories per up)

    • Question: did this work with almond milk? I see others had problems with rice milk…

      • I do believe that people have used it with almond milk and had success! (I haven’t tried it that way personally). :)

      • First of all, let me say WOW! OMG! WOW! I have made this cake at least 6 or 7 times this year alone and at least 9 or 12 dozen cupcakes 😉 My family loves it. I make it primarily for my granddaughter who has a gluten intolerance. It’s her favorite treat!!! I use Almond milk all the time and coconut oil and have not problems. It tastes just like Alison says “chocolate heaven!” You will love it 😉

    • The cake (and frosting) are calorie bombs. I have no idea how many calories…however it’s a sweet treat, not a health food. :)

  32. Hi There!

    I think I finally found the best gluten free cake ever, after searching for a while!! These are amazing. I do have one tiny problem, every time I fill it higher, it has a muffin top and caves in the middle. Any ideas why?

    Please check out my gluten free blog!

  33. My family also loves the Hershey’s box chocolate cake recipe. It’s perfection. Thank you for the tip about Cup 4 Cup. It’s been recommended to me before but I haven’t tried it yet. I need to make a chocolate cake tomorrow so it might be time! :)

  34. Just wondering if this cake freezes well before adding the frosting.

  35. Most AMAZING cake ever! I used the Gluten Free on a Shoestring Better than Cup4Cup as recommended above. It has to have been one of the best cakes I’ve made (including those that aren’t gluten free!). It did fall in the middle after I took it out (extra icing pocket!) and it did take a bit longer to cook but seriously tastes fantastic!!!!!

    • Lucy: Mine did the same, but as you said an “icing pocket” – didn’t fall too much though and it didn’t affect the taste :-) Mine took longer to cook as well, but I used a spring form pan instead of two smaller cake pans. I expected it.

  36. Alison: OMG, what an incredibly GREAT cake. I am new to GF baking and this was the best experience I’ve had (even with regular baking)!
    It was my husband’s birthday yesterday and I thought I would try this as a surprise. We had 4 couples here and EVERYONE loved it. I tweaked it a bit because I didn’t have some of the ingredients – used 1/4 C avocado oil and 1/4 C olive oil instead of “veg. oil (as I don’t keep it in my pantry); used your GF Flour Blend instead of Cup4Cup (as we are in Canada and it’s not very available here). One fellow has requested I make it for his birthday this coming Christmas Eve so that will be his birthday present from me! The taste was absolutely amazing. None of the others that came are GF, and were totally blown away by the taste. Thank you so much for this recipe. It is definitely a do over.
    Question – can I use a flaxseed mixture for the eggs. My granddaughter is extremely allergic to eggs and I would love to make it for her as she is a junior chocolate-a-holic! :-) Thank you again. Louise

    • Hi Louise! I’m so happy it turned out well, and I love your use of olive and avocado oils. Yes! I haven’t tried it with flax eggs, and I’d suspect that it might not rise as high. However, it’s worth a try. Please let me know if you try it–and how it goes. :)

  37. Can you substitute vegetable oil with olive oil or what is a good alternative ? I didn’t realize vegetable oil had soy in it

    • Yes. You can use canola, olive, avocado, melted coconut, grapeseed…whatever floats your boat. However, keep in mind that the oil could impart its flavor to the cake. :)

  38. Loved this cake! My son’s girlfriend can only eat gluten free. This was a fantastic cake!

  39. Jennifer Sharp says:

    I only have ground rice flour and no xanthum gum, would this be okay?

  40. Doris Vella says:

    I haven,t tried it yet and from Malta I buy Doves Farm gluten free flour. Do you think it is ok to use this instead of the one you mentioned as I don’t know if we have it in our country? Thank you Doris

  41. Dawn Joy Cooper says:

    I love this cake. I modified it after making it once and it dimples, sinks in the middle much less. I separated the yolks from the whites and added in the yolks then added two more whites and whipped them and added it to the cake. I made this with almond milk instead of whole milk. It is good and pretty. Also, I used your flower mixture.

    Dawn Joy

  42. Thank you for this! I followed the recipe, but used hot water instead of coffee because I was too rushed to make coffee. I’m thrilled to have a recipe that tastes like cake, not beans, and has the texture of cake.

  43. Monica P says:

    This was before GF and now continues to be my favorite go-to cake. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your recipe redoux and tips for cup4cup. Super moist and cocoa rich as ever! Thanks muchly:)

  44. Has anyone used King Arthur’s all purpose blend for this recipe? I have a birthday tomorrow and super excited to try this out!


  45. Hi, does this cake hold up well after a few days if not entirely eaten right away? Many GF cakes tend to get icky after a couple of days. Thanks.

  46. May I know when the veg oil is added? I don’t seem to see it in the ‘steps’. Thank you.

  47. Is it possible to make a flour mix that has GF oat flour in it? It’s a whole lot healthier and wholesome.

  48. Best Chocolate Cake EVER!!! It’s just merely a bonus that it happens to be gluten-free. I used Tom Sawyer Gluten Free Flour (no extra xanthan gum needed), 1 cup coconut milk, hershey’s baking cocoa, baking powder substitute (cream of tartar, baking soda and arrowroot starch), and 1/4 cup coconut oil, 1/4 cup rice bran oil and the boiling water since my husband detests anything coffee and he’s VERY sensitive to it. My cake did need to be baked a little longer for the toothpick to come out clean. I made 6 cupcakes and 1- 8″ layer with this recipe. The layer fell a little in the center, but not much, and the cupcakes didn’t fall at all. I baked the cupcakes for 30 minutes and the layer for 40 minutes. I did use a recipe from the Cake Mix Doctor for Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting instead of yours, but I’m sure both would be equally divine with this cake as the star. Thank you Alison for ending my search for a gluten-free chocolate cake that tastes as good or better than the original! :)

  49. This recipe sounds wonderful as I am a Hershey’s chocolate cake fan. Where do you get cup4cup flour? I’m new to this and have never heard of it? I would think you get the rest of the ingredients from a health food store. Also could you use raw honey for the sugar or half and half? Thanks for the feed back.

  50. Hi Alison – the first time I made this cake was for my husband’s birthday in June – EVERYONE LOVED IT (even the non-GF)! The next time was the following month for my grand daughter’s 10th birthday – EVERYONE LOVED IT! I’m making it again today for one of my other grand daughter’s birthdays (she’s turning 12) at her request! It is obviously a huge hit – THANK YOU for such a wonderful recipe (both the AP Flour and the cake)!

  51. This is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made, I also used your recipe for the flour because I am from Australia. It worked really well!

  52. I made this cake for my father’s birthday – my son in gluten intolerant. I didn’t tell anyone the cake was GF and OMG, it was the best chocolate cake I have ever made! Everyone loved it. I had to improvise the frosting and had some Nutella, so I whipped it up with some cream and voila! Heavenly chocolatey-fudgy-nutella cake! Going to make it again this weekend for my son’s birthday. Thanks!

  53. I feel like crying and kissing your feet simultaneously! Thank you, thank you, thank you. My son has been gf for 9 years and wanted a chocolate cake for his birthday party. We’ve tried local gf bakeries and the taste or texture is always off. I made this cake last night and it is wonderful. My son loved it and my daughter said it is the best cake she’s ever had.

  54. Diane Decker says:

    Did you have to change the liquid ratio at all? The Hershey’s Best Brownies recipe is my Holy Grail for making gluten free. If subbing Cup4Cup worked for the cake, it might work for the brownies. I am on such a limited budget (Social Security only), that I can’t afford disasters in the kitchen. But those brownies are the absolutely perfect, chewy, crackly on top, fudgy, but not to the point of having to eat them with a spoon, like so many GF fudgy brownies.

  55. I was just wondering what the different between the cocoa in the cake mix and the cocoa powder in the frosting? I think I used cocoa powder on both…I just baked the cakes and it came out not tasting very sweet… Not sure what I did wrong..?

    • I’ve edited it to clarify that both cocoas are unsweetened. I’m not sure why your cake isn’t sweet enough…there certainly is plenty of sugar. It is a very rich, chocolatey cake and maybe the brand of cocoa you used was very bitter. :)

  56. good morning! i’m going to give your recipe a shot for an upcoming project for a little boy who is allergic to gluten. part of the cake needs to be baked in a bowl shaped pan (to make a mickey hat). do you feel that the cake will bake well enough given the more dense texture? i guess i am worried about it over baking on the outside but the inside not being done. thanks!!

    • Go for it! I’ve made it in a bundt pan, and in both 9 inch and 8 inch cake pans. You will need to adjust the baking time up, however. Good luck and be sure to let me know how it goes! :)

      • is there enough batter to use 2 – 9 inch pans and still cut them in half? Or would I need to double the recipe?

  57. Hello, I’d love to make this recipe for my friend who can’t have gluten. In the UK we have a gluten free self raising flour blend called Doves (which I already have in my cupboard), which is gluten free. If I were to use this, should I omit the raising agents from your recipe, or try to find the plain flour version instead of the self raising? Thank you so much. :-) x

    • I have no experience personally with self-rising flour. I think it would be best to try to find a flour blend without leavening. However if that is all you can find, then yes, omit the rising agents. :)

      • Thank you for your reply, much appreciated.
        if I can’t find plain flour, I’ll try with SR, and I’ll let you know how it works out.
        Thanks again :-)

  58. Hi there! I’m wondering if you could help me figure out where I went wrong. I was so excited to try this cake for my friend who is eating gluten-free. I’m an experienced baker, but have little experience with gluten-free flours. So, I followed your recipe exactly, omitting the xanthum gum because the cup4cup ingredients listed xanthum gum in it. The cake looked amazing when it came out of the oven, but sank in the middle like others have reported, after a few seconds. And the consistency of the cake was gummy – almost more like bread pudding but gummier. The taste was fantastic, but the texture turned everyone off. :( What did I do wrong? Should I have added the xanthum gum? Thanks so much for any insight….

    • Hi Carla! It sounds like your cake needed to be cooked a bit longer. And as I’ve grown more confident in my gluten-free baking, I now prefer my flour blend over the cup 4 cup, which is definitely gummier. Check my website for my blend–and if you make the cake again, let me know how it goes. :)

      • Thank you so much for your insight! And as I’m writing, my family seems to not have any trouble finishing up the cake, despite its consistency. :) I will definitely try your flour blend, next time. Love your site!

  59. Hey I just want to say that this cake is absolutely fantastic! I made it for my girlfriend’s birthday this weekend. I’m relatively new to this whole gluten free thing and I have never baked anything from scratch in my life and it came out perfect. I don’t know the etiquette of linking your recipe on my blog, but with your permission I would love to link to your recipe and write a post about this delicious cake! Please let me know, thanks.

  60. Kaye Johnson says:

    I make and decorate cakes and was just ask for the first time to make a gluten-free cake for a birthday. Do you have a good recipe for a white cakes? This chocolate looks great, but they want white.

  61. Hello from Québec Canada! I jus tried out this recipe and it looks great. I did get to get a little taste and it’s really good but I find it a bit biter….will it help when I try it with the frosting??? Or should I try the recipe again ?? I would like to know if I can store it until my daughter’s birthday on sunday – in 3 days!!!! We are having a bithday party with 7 princesses of 8 years old….I cannot have them dislike the cake (I am trying to convince other parents that going GF is not that bad….in fact that it’s faboulus..but I am not a great cook!!) I will put the frosting just before serving it. Thank you!

  62. How long can I keep this cake in the refrigerator? Can I make it a day before serving?

  63. Chris Reynolds says:

    Alison: GF is not my thing, but I have a colleague in my department who is, so I gave this recipe a run, hoping for a success I could serve at a meeting tomorrow. I risked doubling the recipe to get 3 9″ layers and 1 8″ layer for a test. I was a titch generous with the baking soda and powder, and substituted butter for the oil. I also used buttermilk like I do in all my baking, I like the taste it adds, especially to chocolate. The layers came out perfect with an additional 10 minutes of baking time. The cake held its structure quite well, and flavor is perfect (although I’m still getting used to the mouth feel of even the best gf flours). Cup4Cup is a great choice for anyone who is still shaky baking gf. Glad to share this recipe with others looking for sure fire alternatives, and I will use it with regular cake flour when I have the need to bake a good, dark chocolatey cake. Thanks very much.


  65. Patti Heneghan says:

    Hi Alison
    I have a question. I only have superfine rice flour, do you think that will be ok?

  66. Absolutely the best GF cake I have ever had!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

  67. Marie Daman says:

    I wanted to make sure that everyone realizes that CUP4CUP regular flour blend does have mild powder so it would not be suitable for dairy free items! Thanks for the recipe, it is also my favorite!

  68. Any experience with, or thoughts on, using ground flax seed in place of some of the GF flour? Thanks! :)

  69. Excited to find this GF adaptation of my favorite all time chocolate cake, as I am bringing dessert to a holiday celebration where GF desserts will be needed. Has anyone adpated this recipe for high altitude? We are about a mile high in Colorado. Generally, we add a bit of flour and decrease the leavening slightly, but no clue as to how to do this GF. Thanks for any direction!

  70. I made this vegan and cane sugar free and it was amazing. Subbed 3tbsp + 9 tbsp hot water for eggs, used almond milk, cornstarch instead of xanthan (I couldn’t find mine, haha), and subbed out sugar with 1 cup stevia in the raw and 1 cup coconut sugar. I made a frosting (winged it) with coconut cream, coconut sugar, stevia in the raw, vanilla, cornstarch and a lot of cinnamon.

  71. I just made this tonight using the Namaste brand, gluten free organic (found in USA Costco) Perfect Flour Blend. I can’t get over how amazing it turned out!! Our guests and our entire family devoured it. So lovely, dark and moist with the perfect level of sweetness! Thank you for sharing!

  72. Hello Alison:
    I want to thank you for this recipe. My daughter and I baked it yesterday and is was great. We used Pillsbury Multi-purpose Gluten Free Flour Blend and Hershey’s Special Dark Cocao powder. Both the cake and frosting were great. I am glad you added the detail about the batter being runny, not the consistency I am used to. Another recipe we loved this holiday is an almond butter based chocolate brownie we found at elanaspantry.com, but we used agave instead of honey.


  73. I’m new to the GF world. Made this last night. Used parchment paper in place of spray. Worked like a charm. I did want to ask if anyone has had a metallic after-taste? Is this from my All Purpose Gluten Free flour or do you suppose it’s from the baking powder/soda? The taste didn’t linger but was there. It wasn’t inedible but noticeable in my opinion. Any tips for making sure this doesn’t happen again are welcome! Thank you for this recipe! It was delicious to be gluten free (despite the little metallic taste).

  74. Is there any way to make this cake for someone who is allergic to eggs?

    • You can try flax eggs or egg replacer, but I haven’t tried it and I can’t guarantee the results. The good news is, if you make a lot of frosting, no one will probably be able to tell the difference. 😉

  75. I am so excited to bake this cake for my mum’s birthday! The only thing I was wondering is if you can taste the coffee in the cake at all? Although I love the taste, my mother detests it and I wouldn’t want her to not enjoy her own cake! Thanks,

    • I think it makes the chocolate taste richer, but not coffee flavored at all. But if you’re worried about it, use boiling water instead. :)

    • I agree with Alison that the coffee makes the chocolate taste richer, but I think there is a subtle taste of coffee too. I am not a coffee drinker and was concerned about its taste in this cake. I would say the flavor is faint and is not apparent unless you think to taste for it. If you did not tell someone it is in there, they probably would not notice.

  76. Have you tried this batter for cupcakes? It looks delicious!

  77. Do you have a chocolate cake version that doesn’t have egg in it? What could we use in place of the eggs in this recipe? I hope you can help me – trying to bake a cake next month and they can’t eat egg. I will continue searching the internet. Thanks for reading my post.

  78. This is my new staple chocolate cake recipe, thank you!!! Just made a 5 layer birthday cake and it worked perfectly!

  79. This is the most delicious cake. I used my own Gluten free flour blend of Brown & Rice Flour, Potato starch and tapioca flour and it turned out perfectly. Next time I might substitute with some brown or treacle sugar. I’m impressed. You couldn’t even tell it’s gluten free.

  80. I made this yesterday for a client that needed a gluten free cake. Wow!!! It was so moist and easy to make! Could you please let me know the recipe using normal flour? Thanks!!!

  81. Dhruv Taneja says:

    what is xanthan gum plz tell ?

  82. Dhruv Taneja says:

    what is xanthan gum

  83. Has anyone tried freezing this cake (unfrosted), and eating at a later time?

  84. I am a grandmother of a 9yr old recently diagnosed boy with Dibeties 1 and Celiac who misses his sweet treats and finds it so difficult at other peoples parties, especially with the cake. Saw your Choco Fudge Cake which I would love to make for him. Do you know what the carbohydrate amount is for the whole cake? Or how I can work it out?

    Would love to follow your site but the websites you have listed I do,not have. Also love in UK x

    • Hi Mary! You are so sweet to want to bake for your grandson. I don’t know about the carbohydrate amount in this cake, however, it is a cake with lots of sugar and starches so I suspect it would be quite high and definitely reserved for special occasions. :)

  85. My b-day is coming up and nothing less than chocolate cake will do. Do you think this will work with King Arthur GF Baking mix? Thanks!

  86. Judy Smith says:

    I am new to gluten-free baking. My mother is allergic to gluten. I am testing recipes for her birthday cake. I made your recipe and used Pillsbury gluten free flour mix (it contains xanthan gum so I didn’t add any). The cake tasted good, but was not light and fluffy like the gluten version of the Hershey cake. Would the cup4cup flour make it better? Should I add more xanthan gum?

  87. Hi Alison
    I recently find out that I am GI…….your recipe was the first that I tried out today as Gluten free , as I am sooooo craving chocolate cake. Well I don’t know what I did wrong, but the cake did not rice at all. I did not have baking soda, and could not find any in the store today. I live in Bryanston. I substitute the baking soda with 3x teaspoons of baking powder, together with the 1x teaspoon according to the recipe. Can that be the reason? We laughed, I scraped it out of the pan, dry and hard pieces of cake and I am definately gonna eat it with custard later tonight. Please help……….

    • Baking soda and baking powder are both required for the cake to rise–and what flour did you use? I agree that failed cakes can still be eaten–I usually make them into a trifle. 😉

  88. At age 62 my husband of 30 years was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, you can imagine my panic about food in general. Would he ever be able to enjoy a baked treat again? As a pinner stated earlier i found Namaste(cup4cup)baking mix, and am so eager to bake this cake for my husband this Valentine’s Day. Thank you taking the lead and giving help to those of us that feel lost!

  89. Hi Alison! This is my go-to chocolate cake now for the past year. Everyone loves it and it tastes better than any chocolate cake I’ve ever had. Good job!
    Here’s my question: I want to make a yellow cake (or vanilla – whatever) and am scared to try just any recipe, I’ve been so spoiled by yours! How would I make this cake work? Can I just substitute the cocoa powder with more flour? Has anyone tried anything that worked really well?
    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for your hard work Alison! :)

    • Well here goes! I used about 1/2 cup GF flour (I use KAF GF blend for my special treats!) in place of the cocoa and used hot water instead of coffee. I upped the vanilla to about 3 teaspoons. We’ll see – I hope it’s not too heavy. But the original recipe is so darn good that I don’t see how it could be too bad. 😉 Thanks again, Alison! I don’t mourn for chocolate cake anymore – can you tell I’m a chocoholic? 😀

      • Well, the cake is edible but heavy. I guess I’m going to have to keep hunting for a yellow cake recipe that is GF and tastes like regular cake. Glad to have found my favorite chocolate cake recipe here!

  90. Hi there- trying to make this cake for a GF friend’s birthday this weekend. I’m in Venezuela though, and ingredients are always a scavenger hunt / sub or improvise what you can! Doubt I’ll find xanthan gum. I DO have chia seeds, though. How much should I use as a sub for the xanthan gum? Also, no pre-made GF flours around, but I know I can get almond and hazelnut flours, possibly coconut. What do you suggest for blending with the nut flours? Thanks!

  91. I could not wait to leave a review! My daughter is gluten intolerant and we have a tough time with desserts and them tasting good.. (still somewhat new at this.) And this was fantastic!! Followed the recipe exactly and it came out wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe with all of us!

  92. Heya! I’m looking forward to using this recipe for my brothers birthday cake. I was wondering which flour to use, self raising? Or plain? As I can’t get hold of any xanthan gum :p

    Thanks in advance 😀 xx

  93. Mile Hi!
    Was searching for a great chocolate recipe- glad I came here! I’m in Denver and have a tougher time getting my cakes to rise. Any High Altitude Directions or are they on the can?

  94. Hi! Just wanted to thank you for sharing this delicious recipe!! I baked it yesterday for my daughters 8th birthday today and she liked it a lot! (And so did I & everyone else!!) Keep sharing the yummy recipes!! :)

  95. I never post on food blogs, but…I have to say that this recipe is AMAZING. I have been baking tons of GF baked goods for the last two years and this is the most delicious GF recipe yet! Everyone who tries it agrees that it is fabulous. Great job!!!!

  96. This cake is the best gluten free cake I have ever had, there should be a law against it its so incredible! It’s fail proof as well. I thought I had over cooked it as I was baking and chasing around my 2 year old and 8 month old. OMG, it’ still moist and amazing! I LOVE this cake recipe and use it ALL the time. I use Namaste flour for mine. I had the best and first compliment from my brother in law because of this recipe. he told my sister “your not allowed to make this cake” as he is eating his 4th slice!! He couldn’t get enough of it, absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for putting this out there!!

  97. Michelle says:

    WONDERFUL cake! I used Robin Hood gluten free flour blend, and it worked great! It was such a wonderfully heavy cake, and rich in flavour. I served it over Easter, and no one knew it was gluten free! I’ve even been asked to use the recipe for cupcakes at a wedding I’m catering!

  98. Hi. i’ll be trying this cake out for my daughter who is celiac. I’d like to cover it with fondant icing. Do you think i can add xantham gum to fondant icing to harden it a bit? I dont have gum trag. Thanks for sharing this recipe (i was looking for a gf recipe which gives you a moist cake)

  99. Hi. i’ll be trying this cake out for my daughter who is celiac. I’d like to cover it with fondant icing. Do you think i can add xantham gum to fondant icing to harden it a bit? I dont have gum trag. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  100. Linda Robinson says:

    just going thru all of the comments. Wish I had done that before I hunted down the cup4cup as I see now that you prefer your blend over it. Oh well lesson learned. In the recipe you specifically call for c4c and you also have xanthum gum listed. C4C has xanthum gum in it should I still use it? Or is just there for people who don’t use c4c? This will be my first GF baking experience and it is for company so I want it to be close to perfect. One post mentioned that hers was gummy inside is that a GF consequence?

    • Only use xanthan gum if your flour blend does NOT have it already. So no. I think you’ll love the Cup4Cup blend. It is very easy to use. Things can become gummy if they have too much xanthan in it. I’m not sure what flour blend they used…. :)

      • Linda Robinson says:

        Thanks. I did a trial run before making it for company and it turned out great. It did take longer to bake but I am still getting used to my convection oven and the right temperature to use. Thanks so much. When ever I need a GF dessert I know where to look for one. I know I’ll be using the chocolate frosting recipe again as well. Thanks

  101. I modified this to be even healthier and it turned out AMAZING!!! Made it for work and it was gone in 10 minutes!
    1. used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil
    2. I used 1.5 cups xylitol instead of sugar
    3. For dry ingredients: 1 cup almond flour, 1/2 cup GF flour blend, 1 cup flaxmeal (instead of 1-3/4 cup of GF)

  102. Hopped over from high praise on EA Stewart’s The Spicy RD blog, and clearly it was a good idea! I’ve done a fair bit of gluten-free baking to brush up for friends and relatives recently diagnosed. Are you familiar with swapping psyllium husk flour for xantham gum? It seemed to work well in a bread I baked; do you think it’d be an okay substitution for your cake? Thanks!

  103. Genevieve says:

    I was just about to start baking when I realised I only had one 8 inch cake pan… Ran down the road to buy another and bought the wrong size! Ah well, I’ll have to try somewhere else tomorrow. Have you tried baking this cake in one 8 inch pan and slicing it across the middle? Obviously bake time would increase but just wondering if the batter is far too big for just one pan?

  104. This is a great recipe . I did substitute 1/2 of the sugar in the cake recipe with light agave syrup. With the frosting, instead of chocolate I used cocoanut and fresh raspberries. It’s luscious pink and looks divine.

  105. Has anyone ever tried using a cup of mayonnaise in addition to the eggs and oil as well? Would this help with the sinking in the middle problem?

  106. Oh my Gods! I think I love you.

    I had all but given up on cake but my daughter asked for one anyway. (Because she just finished grade 10 today, halfway through her high school career and half done our wait to go to Scotland.) She wanted chocolate cake.

    Everything I’ve made is a lump, lately. I read your call for xanthum gum and despaired. I can’t/won’t use it. I’ve been using chia seeds but still having issues. I finally realized that the substitution websites were talking about WHOLE seeds as a 1:1 substitute and I’ve been using *ground*. A quarter teaspoon gave me a fantastic texture; crumbly, fudgy. Oh my word, so tasty and rich. …I did forget to put the vanilla in though. Might be why it was so rich.

    The cake was just about perfect! I’m so pleased to have found a great recipe AND figure out my issue with the substitution.

  107. Wow!! Husband is GF and I am an avid baker. He’s been pretty upset at the cakes and treats on off in the supermarket, while I tried and failed!, at a fair few GF recipes. Not anymore, this cake is beautiful and everything a chocolate cake should be! :-)

    I now have a happy husband and 7 yr old daughter, who both adore this cake. In fact, I’m presently baking it for my little one’s birthday party tomorrow, and no one will even realise it’s GF :-) xx

  108. Hi. Has anyone tried this with just using 1 cup of sugar? Thanks so much!

  109. Stephanie Wilson says:

    I made 220 cupcakes and a double recipe cake for my daughters wedding. I used coconut milk and a gluten free flour mixture ( 2 parts rice flour & 1 part tapioca flour). It was a big hit with request for the recipe!

  110. I’m going to make this amazing cake today. None of my family eat gluten and I haven’t made a chocolate cake in in a exile. I only have one large cake pan though. How long would you say I should bake it for, and at what temp temperature?

  111. Stephanie crawford says:

    I would love to try this for my daughter birthday but need it the day after arriving home from holiday. can it be frozen or would that spoil it . with icing on or not ?
    thank you

  112. Karen the high-altitude newbie says:

    I’m a first-time cake maker, and this recipe was simply a PLEASURE to follow! The cake is now sitting in my fridge so that the frosting will harden a bit… then I’ll add some roses or sth to make it birthday-cake-y for my daughter :) THANK YOU for this recipe, and thank you everyone for your many comments– I read most of them and found them helpful. I especially appreciated the reiteration that this recipe needs to be baked in TWO pans. BTW, I live at 7,000 feet (in Santa Fe NM) and the cakes turned out just right by following the recipe without any modifications. :)

  113. I just mad these into cupcakes, but when I opened the oven they were deflated! What did I do wrong?? :/

    • I don’t know…did you follow the recipe exactly? Or did you make modifications?

    • I’ve made anywhere from 9-12 dozen cupcakes so far as well as cake many times. For the cupcakes, I followed the recipe and used coconut oil in place of veg oil and Almond milk in place of regular cow milk. They always come out moist and delicious! Hope you give them another try. They are worth it. 😉 It is truly an incredibly tasty recipe!

  114. I made this for MIL last night using Pillsbury Multi Purpose GF Flour Blend, and no other exchanges. I also baked in a 13×9 pan instead at 350 for 32 min and then turned it down to 335 for 5 extra min. It rose and looks moist so hopefully it tastes good too :)
    I was wondering for the people that didn’t want to use oil or are counting calories could possibly try applesauce, egg beaters for eggs, coconut milk in carton for milk alternative and the sweetener could be maybe honey, processed dates, stevia drops or maybe even bananas??

  115. These are absolutely delicious… however, they don’t do well in silicone baking cups. I made a batch using my reusable muffin cups and they were extremely tacky, to the point of being gummy, and overran their cups even when filled a bit less than 2/3 full. (They were turned into crumbs for a grasshopper trifle instead.) When I made them in regular paper cups and a muffin pan, they came out much nicer and were more “cooked” :)

  116. I’m so thrilled to be making this right now for a birthday. I am substituting the milk with chocolate cashew milk that I accidentally bought thinking it was regular cashew milk. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I can’t wait to start baking…..now!!

  117. I made this cake today for my husband who eats gluten free. So scrumptious!! He loved the rich chocolate favor. The texture is perfect and this is a cake anyone would love. Thank you. I will be making it often.

  118. Miss Veganista 104 says:

    This is the best GF chocolate cake recipe I have made. My kids LOVE the cake. “Mom, can you always make this cake for us?” Thank you for posting!

  119. Gabby Ramsey says:

    Wow, I just converted to gluten free a few days ago and i was kinda in the mindset that gluten free desserts would be gross, but this is just as good, or better than any other cake i have had. thank you so much for this recipe!

  120. My daughter also has a corn allergy. I noticed that the regular cup4 up flour blend has cornstarch. Have you ever tried this cake recipe with the wholesome cup4cup flour blend?

  121. Hi,
    Today is my mom’s birthday and I really want to make this cake for her; problem is, Cup4Cup has rice flour in it, and I’m allergic to it — which totally STINKS if you’re gluten-free. I only have Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose flour on hand. Do you think it would work if I substituted the Cup4Cup flour in this recipe for BRM All-Purpose flour? Has anyone tried it, and what were their results?
    Thanks so much in advance!

  122. Have you tried this recipe as cupcakes? I need to make some cupcakes for my daughter’s class because there is another little girl with celiac. Please advise. Thanks.

  123. I didn’t use Cup4Cup and my cake was a disaster 😢😢😢😢😢😢
    It was dense and fudgy and the corners were crispy. The middle
    Sank too. I’m so sad. All of these comments are so positive and I
    Had such a terrible experience. Hopefully I can find Cup4Cup and
    Try it out!!!

  124. Ive made this recipe many times but my batter always turns out pudding like…. not runny at all. They still taste A.M.A.Z.I.N.G but wondering if they would be even better if that batter is like you say…. Any thoughts?

  125. I tried this recipe over the weekend. I used Bex Bakes brown rice flour blend and used lactose free milk instead of whole milk. The cake came out amazing! My husband and I couldn’t stop eating it. This is definitely my “go to” recipe going forward for chocolate cake or anytime I’m tasked to bake dessert for potlucks or family functions!

  126. I made this cake for my boyfriends birthday a few days ago, and it turned out amazing!!! He is newly GF and his first birthday cake since, and he agreed! I used Bob’s all purpose baking mox and vanilla insweetened almond milk and it was perfect!!! My new go-to. and it whas so easy!

  127. Hiya, I just wanted to know if the cake is to sweet as 2 cups compared to the amount of flour is a lot of sugar to use. Does it affect the taste of the cake

  128. There is also no butter in the recipe. Is that right???

  129. Sorry for all the questions but can I use gluten free self raising flour and omit the baking powder or the soda don’t know which one cause the flour blend I have contains xanthum gum already

  130. Great cake like a true chocolate fudge cake should be. My only slight issue was because the batter was so runny after I poured it into my loose bottomed cake tins they leaked slightly whilst in the oven! So I recommend a tray underneath to catch the drips or use a different type of tin I guess.
    Also for those in UK I used doves farm plain flour.
    Thanks for the recipe have bookmarked it!

  131. I just made this cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday. It is delicious. I am Insulin Resistant and cannot have granulated sugar so I substituted Xylo Sweet. I also used Sprouted Gluten Free bake mix from the Sprouted Flour Company (1 – 1/4 cup sprouted bake mix and 1/2 cup arrowroot flour). For the icing I used Swerve Confectioners sugar. I did not have to make any other changes! Thanks for the recipe! This will be my go to recipe when I want a chocolate cake! –Ramona

  132. OMG the best gluten free chocolate cake ever
    I just baked, frosted and I couldn’t resist the temptation to cut a piece
    I made the cake for my husband, he is allergic to gluten
    I have been trying so many recipes and nothing like this one
    Thanks so much this is a keeper
    Do you have any gluten free vanilla cake too???

  133. This cake is divine! I made this twice for my boys birthday cakes and the second time I used coconut oil and chocolate hazel nut milk for 2/3 the coffee (small kids bday). Everyone raved about how good it was and I couldn’t stop eating the leftovers for a week after. Going to try lactose free version next time for the hubs. Hope ghee works for the frosting. Thank you!

  134. GILL MCMAHON says:

    made this cake on Christmas Eve and decorated with chocolate fudge frosting, chocolate reindeer antlers, eyes and a big red fondant nose!!! Unfortunately it sank magnificently in the middle on both cakes. Managed to disguise with the frosting and it tasted delicious so not all bad!

  135. We cited this recipe in our blog post: http://www.vermints.com/blog/51-droolworthy-glutenfree-chocolate-recipes/ You’re #13. Thank you for continuing to make such amazing foods.


  136. Best chocolate cake EVER! Alison, do you have a recipe for yellow cake? Have a toddler birthday party coming up and I need a chocolate and vanilla/yellow cake option.

  137. I just made my first cake ever using this recipe. I made it for my dad’s birthday and he absolutely loved it. I have saved the page so I can use it again. Thank you so much. I’m sixteen and haven’t really had many chances to bake, but thats what I want to do when I’m older. It looked really nice too. I used buttercream frosting and chocolate piping. It looked awesome.

  138. Does anyone have any information on gluten free vanilla? I thought vanilla was just alcohol with a vanilla bean soaking in it and I don’t think there’s gluten in either of those! I baked this cake for my co-workers, some of which have celiac’s disease, so I left the vanilla out, just in case. I also used coconut coffee ‘creamer’ in place of milk for the dairy free people!
    This cake was very delicious and super moist, even to a gluten lover. Thanks!

  139. Raven Chen says:

    This is an amazing cake! I am not a commentor but I had to say something because it is delicious and the texture is outstanding. I have no problem with gluten but a friend of mine has kids that do. This is better than my normal recipe and will be my go to for now on for all my chocolate cakes. I will spread the word about your site!!

  140. Kristen says:

    I apologize if this question is in the comments above somewhere but I couldn’t find it. Can I make bake this in a 9 by 13 glass pan rather than two circle cake pans? How long do you think it would need to cook and any concerns that it may not cook up as well as one large cake? Thank you!

  141. Becky Hillman says:

    Oh My Heavenly Stars! Ever since the movie Julie and Julia, I have been regularly making the ‘Queen of Sheba’ (Reine de Saba) cake.
    Having recently gone gluten free (by choice) I was trying to ignore the gaping hole left by the absence of that cake. Last night I found your website, and the recipe of the one. I gave it my own personal twist of raspberry or blackberry jam between the layers. I suspect that even Julia would have been pleased.

  142. Tried this cake last week for my moms birthday, she is gluten free and the rest of the family is not. However, it was a hit all around! My brother and his friend polished off half of it in less than a few hours, and had no idea it was gluten free!!! Making another today :)

  143. What kind of flour blend do you use? Does it contain xanthan? And if so–you don’t need to add any more. Some gf flours are more absorbent than others as well. :)


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