8 Delicious Gluten Free Apple Recipes

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5 Gluten Free Apple Recipes

It’s fall, y’all! And it’s finally cool enough to turn on my oven. Over summer my sourdough starter…well, stopped. So I’ve re-started the starter and been baking bread again. I’ve also been dabbling with sweets like cookies, spice cake, and yes, gluten-free apple recipes. There is nothing quite like the smell of cinnamon, clove, allspice and nutmeg — nothing quite like the taste either. Here are a few of my favorite gluten-free apple recipes to help get you started on your autumn baking adventures.

Updated with new recipes 9/8/23

gluten free gingerbread cookies

Gluten Free Nutmeg Ginger Apple Snap Cookies

These gluten free gingerbread cookies are actually ginger snaps — very famous ones at that. They are inspired by Mrs. Bean’s Nutmeg Ginger Apple Snaps from the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. My version is grain free, refined sugar free, and paleo. But don’t let that scare you off. They are also delicious and full of cozy fall spices like nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Topped with a slice of apple, they are the ultimate fall cookie!

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Baked Gluten Free Apple Cider Doughnuts

Baked Gluten Free Apple Cider Doughnuts

Cider doughnuts are, arguably, the most autumnal treat of all. Especially when coupled with a visit to an apple orchard, a hayride, and a hot cup of something. Nowadays, I prefer my doughnuts baked instead of fried, and non-stick doughnut pans are key. These delectable gluten-free baked apple cider doughnuts, make the perfect autumn breakfast with a mug of hot cider or coffee. Or try serving them for dessert, topped with vanilla ice cream and cider syrup.

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A slice of Gluten Free Irish Apple Cake

Easy Gluten Free Irish Apple Cake

If you aren’t sure whether you’re on “team apple pie” or “team apple cake,” not to worry. This recipe for Gluten Free Irish Apple Cake is kind of somewhere in the middle. Loaded with cinnamon laced chunky apples, and topped with a nutty crumble, this gluten free cake is what autumn dreams are made of. I love it because it’s not overly sweet – which means that it’s equally suitable for breakfast or dessert (or anything in between).

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Real Deal Apple Martini

An Amazing Apple Spice Martini

Now this cocktail is officially known as The Real Deal Appletini. It’s got spiced rum, good quality apple juice and cinnamon infused simple syrup. It’s from my buddy KC, who firmly believes that a real apple martini shouldn’t be florescent green, and I have to agree. I think it tastes just like apple pie. Cheers!

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Gluten-Free French Apple Cake

Gluten Free French Apple Cake

This Gluten-Free French Apple Cake is a beautiful confection–perfect for fall picnics. Because it is naturally light on flour, it converted amazingly well using my gluten-free flour blend and a little almond flour for flavor and structure. I think you will LOVE it. And yes, it smells so good when it’s baking in the oven.

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Apple Pie - Gluten Free Recipe with Crumb Topping

Gluten Free Apple Crumb Pie

This gluten free recipe for Apple Pie is everything you (or I) could want in a pie. The crumb topping is crispy and thick, the gluten free pie crust is flaky, and the spicy apple filling is perfection. Serve this pie with ice cream, whipped cream, salted caramel sauce (or all of the above).

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Gluten Free Apple Hand Pie

Gluten Free Apple Hand Pies

These tasty little pies are not only adorable, but scrumptious. I love to fill them with apples, but they also work wonderfully with pretty much any seasonal fruit. They reheat beautifully in the toaster…and also go well with coffee. Just saying.

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Gluten free apple recipe round up

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