Celiac Disease Foundation Conference & Expo, Part 1

blogger_banner_new Sometimes life has a way of preventing us from fulfilling certain obligations…or in this case, slowing down the fulfillment to a great degree. However, as with wishing someone a belated birthday, there is something to be said for spreading the joy out over a period of time. It keeps the awareness going. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself here). Ahem.

Earlier this month, I had the great pleasure of being an official blogger at the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference and Expo. Luckily for me, it was a “local” conference–local being within driving distance–and I was thrilled to be there. Not only was the lineup of speakers and vendors amazing, I got to hang with new and old friends, eat safely and scrumptiously, and pack a lot of interesting information into my sometimes overloaded brain. I will now attempt to share a few nuggets of goodness from the weekend with you…just before the clock strikes midnight on May and we say goodbye to Celiac Awareness Month.

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The Bloggers & the Beer

Sounds sort of like a fairy story, doesn’t it? The bloggers were a crazy and fun crew, and with the exception of an accidental glutening at PF Changs (another story for another time–and total epic fail), we had an amazingly fun time.

Erica from Celiac And The Beast  was our fearless leader who set the whole thing up. Her website is a great resource for gluten-free peeps (and she sells the most kick-ass t-shirts and sweatshirts evah). I love her–she is hilarious & multi-talented, and I look forward to hanging out with her every chance I get.

Chrissy from Glam without Gluten is adorable, and a total blast. It was great to finally meet her in person, and her actual persona is just as friendly and wonderful as her online one. We had a great time dragging the blogger crew around the beer garden (before 11 in the morning). New Planet was our hands-down favorite. Not only did it taste great, but it was being served up by a rugged, Aussie surfer. Mmmmm delicious! (I’m totally taking about the beer…).

Sarah from Can I Eat Here? has a fantastic website where one can look up allergy-friendly restaurants (and recipes) by state. When I first met Sarah, she looked so familiar to me–I just knew I had met her before. But then I realized that I thought that because she looks exactly like Emily Blunt. She was accompanied by the equally gorgeous, Chandace from Gluten Free Calendar.

Brian from East Bay Celiac reviews lots of  gluten-free products and restaurants on his site, and also has many articles of interest to the gf community. He didn’t seem to mind being the only guy on the team and his dry sense of humor was much appreciated (I also appreciated him escorting me to my car in the dark depths of the parking garage after our blogger dinner).

Andrea from Rockin’ Gluten Free and I have known each other via the interwebs for some time now.  She lives in Chi-town and is a wellness coach. Her website has informative articles and reviews of gluten-free restaurants and products.

Kim from Gluten Free In Arizona has a website that reviews local restaurants with gluten-free options, and has travel information as well. She also blogs for Stuffed Pepper.

Kim from Thriving Gluten-Free is a mom to three, and nutrition and wellness coach as well. She found the gluten-free lifestyle to be instrumental in her own health, and also the health of one of her children who has Autism.

So now you have the players…at least the kids I hung out with on the playground at the CDF Conference and Expo. Stay tuned for my post about the speakers, and the fantastic new products I discovered.

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  1. Alison, that is such a great accomplishment and it is so wonderful that you could be a part of that.

    The pictures are a joy to look at, thank you for sharing. You look wonderful by the way.

    I am clicking through all of these links that you have posted. It may take me a few days but is definitely a helpful resource. I am book marking them for easy reference.

    Thank you for opening up your life and struggle with us, and sharing so many helpful tips and wonderful recipes!

    We still have a few days left in May and I am sure that we can make them count.

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