Celiac Disease Foundation Conference & Expo

blogger_banner_newWhen I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in September of  2011, I was simultaneously devastated and relieved. I think that most people with the disease would agree that it’s a relief to finally find out what has been causing the illness in our bodies, but saddened and confused as to how to live without gluten. I did extensive research online, met with a nutritionist and immediately joined the Celiac Disease Foundation. I find their website, as well as their monthly newsletters, to be invaluable sources of the latest information and research regarding Celiac Disease.

This year, I am so excited to be attending their National Education Conference and Gluten-free Expo in Pasadena on May 5-6. Keynote speakers, Dr. Joseph A. Murray and Dr. Peter Green, will be making the case for supporting scientific and clinical research by addressing many questions that those with Celiac Disease have. In addition, a panel of experts will discuss advances made in therapies and new drugs to battle and treat the disease, and registered dietitians will answer our questions about the new FDA ruling on the labeling of gluten-free foods, and help us navigate the expanding products that are available to the gluten-free community.

Both Saturday and Sunday at the conference, there is a huge gluten-free expo, where attendees can sample foods and ask questions from a bazillion vendors. Also, Kristine Kidd, the Lagasse sisters, Alex Thomopoulos, and other celebrity gluten-free peeps will be there!

I know that it will be a super fun, delicious (and very educational) event. I love going places where I can eat EVERYTHING! How often does that happen?

Please join me, and the other fabulous bloggers listed below at the expo! Can’t wait to see you there–but if you can’t make it, keep an eye out for the twitter hashtag #CDFExpo where I, along with the other official bloggers, will be live tweeting about the event.

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Brian Schardt – EastBayCeliac.com
Andrea McCarthy – RockinGlutenFree.com
Kim Provo Pebely – GlutenFreeinArizona.com
Chrissy Strong – GlamWithoutGluten.com
Kim Rice – ThrivingGF.com
Sarah Stolp – ICanEatHere.com

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