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GFAF_Expo_Blogger_Badge1-301x251Hello gluten-free friends! I’m heading up to the lovely city of San Francisco with some of my favorite gluten-free authors, bloggers and personalities for the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo on February 9th and 10th. Are you going too? Because I’d love to meet you! I’m part of the blogger crew, and I’ll be tweeting about the event all weekend, attending some fabulous talks and cooking classes and sampling from the largest gluten-free vendor fair in the United States.

Last April I attended my first GFAF Expo, and as a recently diagnosed Celiac, I was overwhelmed at the wide variety of gluten-free products that were available to me.  I made so many new friends, rubbed elbows with some of the community’s most well-known authors and personalities, learned invaluable information about my disease, and attended several cooking classes and talks with authors I admire.

But the very best part of the weekend was that I felt safe, truly safe, for the first time in the several months since my diagnoses. I didn’t have to ask if that bit of food that I was about to put in my mouth was gluten-free. I didn’t have to be concerned about cross contamination. I could relax, and enjoy myself and the experience without worry that I would be sick for a week afterward. It truly was a restorative experience for me.

In fact, when I got home from Chicago, this is what I wrote about it:

 I have never been in an environment where I felt so supported, so encouraged, so optimistic about the future, and so very safe. To be around thousands of people who share this lifestyle was simply overwhelming. I teared up several times, on Friday especially, as we shared our stories, struggles, and successes. I made so many new professional contacts, and so many new friends.

If you live anywhere near San Francisco, or have even the slightest bit of curiosity about what this expo is all about….GO! Look for me, and other blogger team members, in the blogger & author area. I really do hope to see you there.

Dean Bocari of
Sara Caplan of Seating for Six
Erica Dermer of Celiac and the Beast
Sarah Hornacek of Sarah Bakes Gluten-Free
Carolina Ihli of Gluten-Free Coach
Rachel Kokosenski of Go GFCF
Angela Lunt of Life, Food, Me
Michelle McLachlan of Gluten-Free Gabber
Alyssa Rimmer of Queen of Quinoa
Brian Schardt of East Bay Celiac
Renee Simpson of Soul Food Therapy

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  1. Don’t forget to bring back let’s of samples! Feels good to be GF 😉

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