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A slice of Gluten Free Irish Apple Cake
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Fresh Fig + Scallop Salad

Easy + Fresh Fig Salad with Scallops

Sweet scallops and figs combine with tangy goat cheese, crunchy toasted walnuts, spicy arugula, and crispy prosciutto in this beautiful salad for the summer.
The Best Ever Gluten Free American Flag Cake

Delicious Gluten Free 4th of July Desserts

On the 4th of July we often find ourselves gathered with friends and family to celebrate, watch fireworks and eat delicious food. If you’re at a potluck picnic in the park or a backyard BBQ, gluten free 4th of July desserts are a must. I’m usually in charge of desserts in our family – here are a few of my favorite desserts to bring to a 4th of July party.

Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Gluten Free Baking

Glute Free Lemon Cake with Hibiscus Rose Buttercream

A Stunning Gluten Free Lemon Cake

It’s citrus season in California and there is no better time to make a gluten-free lemon cake. It’s bright and zesty and tastes as golden as our beautiful California sunshine. I add a touch of turmeric to make the batter an even deeper golden color, but that’s optional.

Late Summer Favorites

Baked Gluten Free Apple Cider Doughnuts Horiziontal

Baked Gluten-Free Apple Cider Doughnuts

In my life BGF (Before Gluten-Free), some of my favorite things to eat in the whole, wide world, were hot cider doughnuts sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. They are most…